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Here you can find information on Australia’s native stingless bees. You can even buy your own hive of stingless native bees. Read on to learn about their products: sugarbag honey and sugarbag wax and how to buy them.

Available now: “The Australian Native Bee Book: Keeping stingless bee hives for pets, pollination and sugarbag honey” by Tim Heard

A complete guide to keeping Australian native stingless bees. Richly illustrated with over 500 full colour photos, drawings and charts to aid your learning.
Price: $35. Postage in Australia for 1 - 3 copies is $8.
Buy your copy of The Australian Native Bee Book online at http://www.nativebeebook.com.au/.
If you do not wish to order online contact us for alternative ways to buy: tim@sugarbag.net. You can pay by bank transfer and be sent a copy. Or you can collect your copy at Sugarbag Bees, 473 Montague Rd, West End.

A stingless bee collecting nectar from a palm flower