Sugarbag is honey made by Australian native stingless bees. Normal honey is made by honey bees introduced from Europe. Both types of honey are a natural sweet substance originating from the nectar of flowers, which bees collect and transform. But sugarbag has its own special flavour.

Stingless bees store honey (and pollen) in their nests as food sources when times are tough. Sugarbag was a highly prized food of Aborigines who hunted it from wild nests; it’s real bush tucker.

We have recently developed new hive designs that allow us to extract honey sustainably, without harming the colony. Only tiny amounts of sugarbag are produced less than 1 kg per hive per year and so it is a special product, to be savoured and relished.

The flavour of sugarbag is reminiscent of lemon and eucalyptus. Vic Cherikoff describes it as like a blend of quality honey and mellow port. Try it drizzled over vanilla ice cream or other dessert. Just a teaspoon goes a long way. Here is my own recipe for macadamia and sugarbag pie.

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How do I extract the sugarbag?

This is what sugarbag looks like stored away in honeycomb in the hive.